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Frequently Asked Questions

When I buy a kit, what other things do I need to have to get my rig up and running?

If you are purchasing one of our JAMMA kits (combination packages with power supply), all you will need is a monitor. These boards have VGA output and will work with computer monitors, the CPU is not required to make it run! Other than that, you will need speakers hooked up for the best arcade experience. The speakers come with most of our kits but we also sell these separately. If you get stuck, just send us a message we'll help you out!

What is a horizontal/vertical monitor?

Its just the direction on the screen, think of it as Landscape and Portrait.

*Landscape = Horizontal

*Portrait = Vertical

The direction of the JAMMA PCB should be in the product description.

We are building an arcade table where the players sit opposite each other, Which JAMMA PCBs flip for player two?

The only PCBs we have that flip are the 60 in 1 and the 412 in 1.

It is the first cab that I am going to build, do you have an instruction manual for this sort of project?

We do supply instruction manuals for the Kits and JAMMA boards that we sell! We would are also to happy to help you out in case you get stuck!

Do you have this particular game? (insert game you are looking for)

Please check out our available JAMMA Boards by visiting our store and clicking on the JAMMA section, each JAMMA Board has a comprehensive games list on their descriptions, just scroll down to find out.

Do you guys accept Money Orders?

Yes we do.

Are manuals included on the JAMMA boards you sell?

Yes, manuals are included!

Can I switch my old arcade board with this new one?

As long as your machine is wired to JAMMA standard, you can swap the PCBs. Just make sure to have the correct monitor orientation.

Do these JAMMA kits/boards come with instructions on how to put it all together?

JAMMA is basically a wiring standard, meaning you use the JAMMA harness to connect all the audio, video, buttons & joysticks to your game source. Once this is done you can connect anything that is JAMMA based within minutes and be up and running. So with this being said, the main instruction needed, is the wiring diagram for the JAMMA harness. This is included in most manuals and is also found on the Internet in many places.

Do you have plans for the timber housing?

No, but there are some great places that have some fantastic plans available free of charge are:

Custom designs of all sizes -

Plans of original cabinets -

Of course, looking at all these, will give you some scope in designing your own plans.

What monitors / TVs can this kit be connected to? What leads can you use? vga/rca/scart/s-video or something else?

Unless you plan on using an original arcade monitor that is CGA based, most boards, unless specified otherwise simply require a monitor with a VGA input. The only other thing to keep in mind with the monitors is the orientation. Some game boards are VERTICAL (Portrait), some are HORIZONTAL (Landscape). Most boards are horizontal, but good to keep a look out. The popular 60 in 1 board, is vertical.

Can you set the pcb to boot up to a single game only (not to menu)?

You simply disable all but the one game you want. It will then auto load that game, bypassing the menu.

How do I hook up the amplifier?

The cable you require is a 3.5mm jack to RCAs cable

Is your T-Moulding exactly 18mm (ie: suitable for 18mm MDF)? And what size slot is needed for your T-Moulding?

We have 16mm and 18mm T-Moulding. You can use 18mm T-Moulding on 16mm material and it looks fine, 1mm over have either side. using 18mm T-Moulding on 18mm material just means you need to be very careful that your slot is exactly in the centre! A 2.5mm T slot cutter router bit is best for making the slot.

Do you guys have both the long and short shaft zippyys joysticks or just the long shaft zippyys?

We have both

The 2019 JAMMA Board has too many games, how do I narrow it down?

The 2019 in 1 JAMMA has the option to hide games so you can make your own game lists.

XIN-MO & MameMy MAC Computer doesn't detect the Xin-Mo USB Arcade Controller?

MAME for MAC (Latest Version) will detect the device, Once a game is fully loaded press TAB and you can configure the device.

JAMMAI already have a JAMMA harness can I just buy more JAMMA boards?

Yes, JAMMA is a standard which will work with all our JAMMA boards for sale.

When I play Double Dragon it suffers from slowdowns

This is a common complaint about this game, Simple answer is this is how it played on the Original Arcade Game. for further information please CLICK HERE

Can I have the JAMMA board boot only one game with no menu?

Yes, To do this change the DIP switches on the JAMMA board to get into the setup Menu, Once there simply disable ALL the games except for the game you would like. Save the, Power off the board and change the DIP switches back and Power the unit back on.