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A Little Inspiration For Your Own Arcade Machine!

A Little Inspiration For Your Own Arcade Machine!

It has never been easier to build an arcade machine and here at DIY Arcade we have all the things that you need to get up and running. We have the joysticks, buttons and Jamma boards that have thousands (yes we do have a Jamma board with over 2000 games on it!) and everything else you would need to bring your childhood memories of standing in an arcade into your own game room in your own house!

To get you inspired I have had a look around the internet and found some really cool home arcade designs that other people have done! I have found a couple that really look cool with one celebrating 80’s arcade gaming and the other one celebrating the 90’s.

Xevious: Bar Top 80’s Style Arcade

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Now this one here is really cool and it does a great job in showing how you can have a home arcade, but without having to take up a ton of space. You see these bar top machines look really cool sitting on a desk in a game room or even in the living room (just check with your wife first guys!) and they really do scream 80’s! One other really cool thing about this is the way that the guy who made it has done a great job in getting some truly amazing custom art work for his cab. You see that is one of the cool things about designing your own arcade cabinet. You can put your own artwork on the side to celebrate your favourite game in this guy’s case it was Xevious, but no matter what you are into there is just a ton of custom art work out there for pretty much every game. Here at DIY Arcade we have all the joysticks, buttons, speakers and parts you need to build the guts of an arcade machine just like this one!

Street Fighter Arcade: Stand Up 90’s Style Arcade

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Many people when making a home arcade these days will go for the same kind of button set up that this gentleman has gone for here. You see this way even if you are playing a very early game from the 80’s that just requires one button you know that this button set up will work. And speaking of buttons how nice and clean do those buttons and joysticks that the guy used look on this cab? Well we have pretty much the exact same ones here at DIY Arcade. The main thing that grabs your attention about this cab is the amazing art work that has gone into it. A home arcade is more about just playing the games from your childhood it’s about celebrating gaming and by putting your favourite game on the side of your cab you are certainly doing that. This guy has one of the most amazing pieces of Street Fighter artwork I have ever seen on his joystick/button panel! A home arcade that looks like this is far more than just a machine to play the old classics on it’s a real statement and can be the main attraction of your game room, heck even your whole house!