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Captain America & The Avengers

Captain America & The Avengers

Year Of Release: 1991

Studio: Data East


The Avengers these days thanks to the hit Marvel movies have never been more popular, but even though there have been plenty of super hero themed games since the days of the Atari 2600, The Avengers were kind of ignored. While The Avengers are one of the premier Marvel teams. The first video game to be specifically based on The Avengers would be actually this one. Back in 1991, Data East would make the first two arcade games based on The Avengers. The game would be pretty successful for Data East, but it is a game that has been lost in time and is not really looked back upon these days.

Captain America & The Avengers is a great looking game and the guys at Data East clearly went above and beyond trying to make the game feel and look like some kind of comic book/Saturday morning cartoon hybrid. The game has a very interesting look to it in that the levels and the back grounds, while not bland do not really pop out. But this is by design as the character sprites really do look like they are comic book characters that have leaped of the page and come to life thanks to the amazing use of colours and the way that they have been animated. The game is pretty story driven and centres around super villain Red Skull. Red Skull has built up an army of henchmen to take over the world, but as well as this he has enlisted the aid of some other super villains such as Ultron, The Juggernaut, Mandarin, Sentinels and a few more as well. There is a good mix of well-known and some more obscure characters. To stop Red Skull taking over the world, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and The Vision are ready to battle! The Avengers can call in a few other Marvel Super Heroes such as Wasp, and Namor to help them in their quest to stop the Red Skull.

From a game play point of view, Captain America & The Avengers does play very well. The game is a side scrolling beat em up that like the majority of other similar games released in the early 90’s lets you walk up and down as well as left and right. Each of the characters can use their fists to do some damage, but they all also have a projectile attack. Captain American can throw his shield, Hawkeye can shoot arrows and Iron Man and The Vision use energy attacks. To keep thing fresh there are flying sections where Captain America and Hawkeye use a vehicle, but Vision and Iron Man can just fly. The game is actually really fun to play, especially in multi-player. Speaking of which the game was available in two arcade cabinets one was a two player cabinet, letting the player pick which Avenger they wanted to be. And the other was a four player cabinet that had a dedicated joystick for each character.

Current High Score: 496,801 by Josh Bycer

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Data East themselves handled the Sega Mega Drive port of the game. But developer Mindscape would then get the license to release the game on the Super Nintendo, Nintendo Game Boy and the Sega Game Gear.

Data East also released Captain America & The Avengers for the NES, but the game apart from sharing the same name does not have anything to do with the arcade game or the versions released for other systems. In this version only Captain America and Hawkeye are playable and they need to rescue Vision and Iron Man.

In 1995, Data East would release another game based on The Avengers, Avengers In Galactic Storm was a one on one fighting game that still to this day remains an arcade exclusive.