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Mega Man: The Power Battle

Mega Man: The Power Battle

Year Of Release: 1995

Studio: Capcom


Capcom are the undisputed kings of the one on one fighting game thanks to their Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom series of games. Mega Man though was one of their first huge games and a series that has had just a ton of games released over the years. For some reason though these days Capcom seems to want nothing to do with the Blue Bomber and Mega Man fans as a result feel let down by Capcom. But back in 1995, Mega Man was still a huge priority for the guys at Capcom so it was decided that they would make an arcade one on one fighting game set in the Mega Man universe.

Mega Man: The Power Battle at the time was the best looking Mega Man game ever released this arcade game was capable of producing just amazing visuals that even the Super Nintendo could not match. The story of the game is the usual with Doctor Wiley up to his old tricks again using his Robot Masters to take over the world. Actually Mega Man: The Power Battle has three different stories for the player to pick from these are Mega Man 1-2, Mega Man 3-6 and Mega Man 7. You also have a choice of three different characters to play as these are Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass.

Game play wise while this is a one on one fighter it actually has far more in common with the Mega Man series that it does the Street Fighter one. There are only two buttons one to jump and one to fire just like in the Mega Man games. Holding down the fire button will let you unleash a power shot. Once you have picked what story you play through you then pick one of the levels to play. Rather than playing through a level and then taking on a Robot Master like in the traditional Mega Man games. You jump straight into the boss battle. Like the other Mega Man games once you defeat a Robot Master you gain the ability to use their weapon and in keeping with the Mega Man tradition each of the Robot Masters has a weakness to one of the weapons.

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Mega Man: The Power Battle would not make it to the Super Nintendo or the Sony Playstation and would not actually see a release to home consoles until nearly a decade later when it was released for the Playstation , Nintendo Game Cube and the original Xbox as part of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. In Japan in the same year a collection called Rockman: Power Battle Fighters would be released which had this game and its successor.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters would be released in 1996 and while offering the same kind of game play did offer more things to make the game that much better than its predecessor. The game added Duo as a playable character and in general the game was more cinematic and ties into the Mega Man lore much better. Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters was part of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Rockman: Battle & Fighters was a game that was released only in Japan for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour and is a mix of both Mega Man: The Power Battle and Rockman: Battle & Fighters.