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Collection: Jamma Board

What is JAMMA?

JAMMA stands for Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association who in 1985 created the JAMMA wiring standard. This allowed all Arcade Cabinets that were wired in the JAMMA standard to run any game built to this standard. Since Japan designed most of the newer games in the 90’s the JAMMA became the standard by default.

Pre JAMMA arcade cabinets wiring was custom built and Arcade operators use to reuse unprofitable machine, changing the artwork and rewiring for the new PCB. This was a costly operation due to none standard wiring. A lot of arcade operators had their older cabinets rewiring in the JAMMA standard which allowed their PCB’s to be plug’n’play.

What’s that mean for my home arcade?

Creating a home arcade in the JAMMA standard allows for quick and easy upgrade of your games PCB, This allows you to quickly upgrade your games simply by pulling out one game PCB and inserting a new one, Power on and you’re ready!

How hard is it to wire a JAMMA cabinet?

It’s simple to wire a cabinet to the JAMMA standard, it’s even easier using our full graphical instruction booklet.

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