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19 in 1 Arcade Game Board

19 in 1 Arcade Game Board - DIY Arcade USA
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19 in 1 JAMMA Arcade Game Board (Horizontal)

This Arcade Game Board contains 19 of the...

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19 in 1 JAMMA Arcade Game Board (Horizontal)

This Arcade Game Board contains 19 of the most popular classic Williams and Nintendo horizontal-displayed arcade games of all time! The 19-in-1 has many 2 players 'Head-to-Head' games for simultaneous action! Play the best and most nostalgic arcade games such as Gradius, Joust, Kick Rider, Ghost & Goblins, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros, and more of your favorite classics!

The 19-in-1 Classic Horizontal Multigame JAMMA PCB's are the original xx-in-1 hardware! Each game has its original dip switches, which are adjusted through the built-in software menu. Another great feature is the High Score save, which will save the top score even after the power is turned off! This is a brand new board that is tested to ensure it is 100% functionality. 


If you grew up playing Arcade games, in the late 70s and early 80s this will have the games you want to play to take you back!


 What are you waiting for? Now is the time to introduce these games to Kids and Friends!




  • Universal JAMMA Connector
  • User-Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • Free Play or Quarter/Token Option (Coin Diameter: 18mm~33mm Coin thickness 1.2mm~3.3mm)
  • Supports CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution), Monitors
  • Supports Upright and Cocktail Cabinets (screen will automatically flip for second player)
  • Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc)
  • Enable/Disable Specific Games
  • Standard JAMMA Video Output or VGA Output (hook PC Monitor up directly)
  • Uses Standard Arcade Power Supply or AT PC Power Supply (with standard 4-pin Molex Connector, the same used for Hard Drives/CD ROM drives) Head-2-Head Game (Both Players can play against each other!)

    JAMMA Board Includes:

    • 19 in 1 JAMMA Game Board

      NOTE: This kit requires a monitor with either a VGA or CGA Connection, otherwise a VGA to HDMI adapter can be purchased. 

      Requires a Standard JAMMA Arcade Game setup using a HORIZONTAL display or a Standard PC VGA monitor.

       19 in 1 GAME LIST:

      1. Defender
      2. Stargate
      3. Bubbles
      4. Joust
      5. Robotron
      6. Blaster
      7. Splat
      8. Rally X
      9. Battle City
      10. Mario Bros
      11. New rally X
      12. Ghost n Goblins
      13. Solomon’s Key
      14. Gradius
      15. Sky kid
      16. Ice Climber
      17. Super Mario Bros
      18. Do! Run Run
      19. Kick Rider

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