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Vertical v's Horizontal Arcade Machines

One of the main questions we see is "What's the difference between vertical and horizontal boards?" The answer is simple, there's nothing complicated about this, its the physical rotation of the screen.


Horizontal screens are in the orientation of your day to day TV and Monitor see picture.

Typical examples of Horizontal machines

  • Later model standup machines
  • Sitting side by side cocktail machines

Horizontal Arcade Machine Monitor


Vertical screen is littery the monitor rotated on its side 90 degree. See picture.

Typical Examples of Vertical

  • Earlier model standup machines.
  • Cocktail machines where opponents sit opposite.

Vertical Arcade Machine Monitor


What happens if I put a vertical board on a horizontal monitor or vice versa?

If you put a vertical arcade board on a horizontal monitor, your picture will be out by 90 degrees, you don't want to have to tilt your head to the side to play!b